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First Glass Jack Daniels Sinatra

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Are you a friend of Jack, the way Frank Sinatra was? Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey was his #1 booze. Frank was a trendsetter; today, Jack Daniels is the world’s #1 top-selling whiskey brand.

Jack drinkers are passionate about this velvety spirit, and won’t touch anything else. They don’t take lightly to additions to the Jack family; why mess with success? There have been only a couple of new Jack introductions over the decades. But you can’t keep greatness down, and a new expression of Jack Daniels launched earlier this year. So consider welcoming Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey to your drinking life.

Perhaps you’ve noticed Tennessee Honey’s irresistible commercials featuring the zippy King Bee. As King Bee can tell you, Tennessee Honey’s winning formula mingles classic Jack with a luscious, honey-based liqueur. “Everyone is abuzz here in Lynchburg, Tennessee,” says Jack Daniel’s Master Taster Jeff Norman. “We think our friends will really love its unique taste and smooth character.”

First Glass Jack Daniels bottle

And can we say “versatile”?

Continues Norman, “You can take your Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey chilled straight, or served in drinks with other mixers like lemonade, tea or ginger ale.” For me the honey-kissed flavor of Tennessee Honey stands on its own. It’s a genius pre-dinner drink, or a sipper with snacks, or the perfect quaff to order in a bar.

First Glass Jack Daniels Sands hotel

Our collective opinion here at TravelSquire is that Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is simply a must-try. But don’t blame us if it becomes your new obsession in a glass.

Jack Daniels and Las Vegas:  A Love Story

The Jack Daniel’s brand and fabulous Las Vegas is a romance worthy of the Chapel of Love. Much of the credit goes to The Rat Pack, who loved whiskey in general and Jack Daniel’s in particular. You know the Rat Pack and their partying rep. The Pack was Frank Sinatra’s crew, at their peak in the early and mid 1960’s. The Rat Pack comprised Ol’ Blue Eye, hipster lounge singers Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr., actor and Kennedy in-law Peter Lawford and comedian Joey Bishop. The boys helped make Vegas Hollywood’s weekend getaway, bringing their bands, their blondes (such as Lauren Bacall and Marilyn Monroe), and their booze … especially Jack Daniel’s. Frank Sinatra was married four times but his true love may have been Jack. The story goes that when Frank ascended to the red carpet in the sky in 1998, he was buried with a flask of Jack and a roll of dimes so he could call his friends when he got to the afterhours party.

First Glass Jack Daniels Sinatra

Here and now, the party rages on in Vegas. More than ever, Fabulous LV is the nightlife capital of the world, with over 2,000 bars, lounges, and clubs (not to mention happening hotels, restaurants, and shows). Basically, you shouldn’t plan on getting any sleep in Vegas. (You can sleep in the place you bring dimes to, right?) Vegas was chosen as the glittering setting for the introduction of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey to the U.S. “We’re proud of Jack Daniel’s long heritage in Vegas,” said Tennessee Honey brand manager Casey Nelson. “Vegas is all about savoring the night, and so is Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey.”

First Glass Jack Daniels Las Vegas

“Today’s Vegas offers visitors a very exciting and dynamic cocktail culture,” says Nelson. During the April launch, Nelson and his Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey colleagues sponsored a cocktail competition amongst Vegas’s master mixolgists. The winning concoction was by Eddie Perales, Beverage Specialist at Caesars Palace and an inspired mixmaster. His cocktail, “Honey I’m Off Sunday,” is a fruit punch using strawberry-infused watermelon juice, blackberry-infused orange juice, cantaloupe juice, homemade lemon sour, and lots more. Clearly a professional take on things. But “you can adapt the recipe and make your own Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey punch,” says Perales. “Thanks to its soft, tea-like touch of honey, Tennessee Honey is a terrific mixer that enhances but doesn’t overpower your drink,” he says. “Try it with your favorite citrus juice, or apple, peach, or melon. Use big ice cubes and top with mint leaves,” Perales advises. “Instant mood elevator!”

And you can do as Frank did with his Jack Daniel’s, and tote your Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey anywhere. It comes in a retro flask size. Add a roll of dimes (or your iPhone), cue up Frank’s “Songs for Swingin’ Lovers!” and host a Rat Pack celebration of your own.





Karen Tina Harrison
Karen Tina Harrison
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