What’s Your Travel Style?

Traveling isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. And that’s the way it should be. What kind of traveler are you?

Luxury Budget

Luxury vs. Budget

Whether you’re a luxury or a budget traveler depends less on your financial circumstance than on your need to roll like a millionaire everywhere you go. The luxury traveler (recognizable by brand-name luggage and designer sunglasses) always consults the latest trends in tourism before planning a vacation, paying close attention to where the hottest celebrities have stayed in the past. With passport stamps from Milan to Singapore and everywhere in between, the luxury traveler knows quality is always better than quantity.

Budget travelers, on the other hand, takes an entirely different approach. Savvy instincts help them make price-conscious choices like looking for the cheapest hostels, hopping on last minute flight deals, and bartering with the locals for the lowest price on flea market crafts. They may not be pampered and polished, but that’s all the more natural for these low-maintenance folks.

 Solo Group vacation

Solo vs. Group

It takes a certain kind of person to go on vacation alone. You’ve got to be fiercely independent, comfortable in unpredictable situations, and super outgoing. However, solo travel can be one of the most rewarding experiences out there. It’s a chance to pursue creative goals, like writing a novel, starting a photography project, or mastering another culture’s cuisine. Or, just take it as a mini-escape from the pressures of everyday life and an opportunity to get to know yourself better.

But for those who prefer group travel, it’s a different story. Whether it’s a family reunion, a romantic getaway, or a girls-only trip, many hotels and packages cater to multiple travelers. And the advantages don’t stop there: what better way to spend time and money than with those you love most? The disadvantages? If you get in a fight, you’re stuck together for the rest of the trip.

Adventure Escape vacation

Adventure vs. Escape

 Adrenaline junkies or thrill seekers, whatever you want to call them, are always searching for the next opportunity to jumpstart their heart. They can make any vacation more exciting. Planning to visit a big city? They’ll walk the streets as if they’re competing in a parkour competition. Going to the ocean? They’ll be the first to rent a surfboard and the last to leave the water.

But not everyone can keep up, and not everyone even wants to. Escape travelers prefer a quiet, serene spa to hang their coats and their worries at the door. Who needs a zipline when there are saunas to spend hours in and books to be read by the beach?

CIty Nature vacation

City vs. Nature

If you’re the kind of person that keeps their finger on the pulse of whatever is the latest cuisine, exhibition opening, or fashion trend, a mountaineering vacation seems like a laughable proposition. City folks prefer to be surrounded by people and culture, and for those who say that all cities are the same, well, they just don’t appreciate the subtleties in architecture.

However, some would rather “get away from it all” by returning to Mother Earth’s roots. Skiing and hiking are fun activities rather than daunting physical tasks for the tree-hugging outdoorsy type. For them, no city can compare to the indescribable experience of white-water rafting through a wooded forest.

Airplane Car vacation

Airplane vs. Car

Flyers like to get things done efficiently. They’ll deal with airport security, higher costs, and uncomfortable takeoffs all for the sake of getting there faster. Who has time for traffic? If you’re a frequent flyer, the thought of spending multiple hours squished next to a stranger isn’t nearly as bad as sitting in a smelly car stuck behind a Hummer on the highway.

But for those who go by car, there’s a different set of priorities. Whatever happened to fun road games and family sing-a-longs? Even with the possibility of running out of gas or breaking down, there’s something nostalgic and romantic about heading out on a good old-fashioned road trip.


Rebecca Jennings
Rebecca Jennings
Rebecca Jennings is a recent NYU graduate embarking on a career in media and creative writing. Originally from Burlington, Vermont, she hopes to one day dogsled in Finnish Lapland, pet a yak in the Mongolian steppes, and cruise around the Arctic Circle. So far, she's visited fifteen countries including the Czech Republic. You can always find her on Twitter: @rebexxxxa.

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