The #TRAVEX Tweet-Up

What is #TRAVEX?

#TRAVEX is a new kind of travel chat, launched by travel-savvy tweeters @TravelSquire. The tweet-up is designed to encourage thoughtful discussion and exchange of travel related ideas, with educational touchpoints as well.

When is #TRAVEX?

#TRAVEX happens every Wednesday, between 5-5:30 PM EST

How does #TRAVEX work?

It’s easy! Search #TRAVEX on your Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to get into the forum. We allot 5 minutes to discuss each question posed and the host will randomly tweet what we call a TE- or Travelers Education touchpoint. This will serve to highlight interesting points relevant to the subject of that day’s #TRAVEX. It’s also an opportunity to learn a bit more about that week’s topic.

What else should I know?

In order for all #TRAVEX participants to see your tweets and be able to engage with you, you must be sure to end each tweet with #TRAVEX. This will ensure your comments are kept in the forum. Tell your travel loving friends and spread the word; the more the merrier
Have FUN!

Questions? Feedback? Want to guest host?

Reach out to us on Twitter at @travelsquire


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